Our Readers' Opinions
November 9, 2010
Leadership is action!


Editor: Please grant me a space in your newspaper to air the concerns of the majority of the members of the National Society of Persons with Disability (NSPD). These members are disgruntled and dissatisfied with a part of the Saturday, October 10, 2010, function. All the Executive officers were reinstated to their posts by one member who decided that they must be returned.{{more}} The general membership did not get the opportunity to make an input in that decision. We, the general membership are accustomed to vote using Parliamentary procedures. It was shocking to most members, the steps which were taken and the abrupt manner in which the meeting ended.

An organization such as ours with a very high reputation locally as well as internationally, and having served St.Vincent and the Grenadines for over twenty (20) years, should have the various reports studied and circulated so that the members can make meaningful contributions for the upliftment of the group.

We are disabled and should be as the able-bodied people in our society.

We are losing members, as was expressed by the president indirectly in her report. Our organization has come a very long way to be operating like this. (LEADERSHIP IS ACTION NOT POSITION) Some people never seem to notice what has been done but what remains to be done.

Rudolph Roberts