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October 1, 2010
Drivers need to use common sense

Fri, Oct 1, 2010
Editor: Driving safely on the road is of paramount importance. Some of the accidents that occur can be avoided if only drivers would stick to the basics when driving.{{more}}

There are many things that can be mentioned, but I would wish to mention three basic points that if taken seriously and followed can go a long way in reducing the accidents on the road.

It must be borne in mind that being a good a driver is not about speeding or driving slowly. Some may argue that older drivers are safer than younger ones; this is not always true, for indeed there are many young drivers that drive safer than some older ones.

A driver must always use his COMMON SENSE when driving. Far too many drivers don’t do this. For example, if the road is wet speed must be reduced so as to ensure that the tyres can have enough grips when applying the brake. Following a vehicle too close can lead to an accident. Should the driver behind who is following the vehicle is driving too close and suddenly the vehicle in front comes to a stop because of some emergency, then the driver behind has very little time to stop, and this can cause accident. Also, if the driver is following too close behind the vehicle and he wants to overtake, then because of the little space that he has, he has to make a big swerve away and with great speed, besides that he will not be able to see clearly enough if there is an oncoming vehicle, thus he overtakes at a high risk.

Sometimes a vehicle may not be working properly, common sense will tell you that speed needs to be reduced and listen for any sound that is strange or be on the alert to stop as the case might be. But far too often drivers seem not to care about common sense.

It is important that drivers drive with due CARE AND CONTROL. A driver must be in control of his thinking faculty. He must be prepared to deal with problems that may develop on the road while driving. Using alcohol while driving is indeed dangerous and should be discouraged and dealt with harshly. So the driver must be in control of the vehicle and the situations when they developed.

Being careful of how one drives can not be overstated. Being careless is the opposite of being careful. I know that for the minivans they are trying to hassle to make enough money, but consider the lives of others under your care. When a vehicle, even if it is private, is moving too fast then there is little time to adjust when something suddenly occurs. It is always best to drive with due care and control. I do recommend that horns be blown when going around a bend. Never take it for granted that since you are travelling on your hand that it is safe. There are many times when the oncoming vehicle may be off hand, therefore blowing your horn will let the oncoming vehicle know that you are approaching and so will get back on hand.

CONSIDER other road users should not be neglected. A driver may suddenly over take and ends up in your lane, be courteous and stop to avoid an accident. After all, you have to consider that by doing so, you may be saving innocent lives. Some people drive as though they own the road. They would drive off their hand at a very slow pace. They don’t seem to consider that they are blocking other vehicles and sometimes delaying others unnecessarily.

Drivers are not perfect, so even if someone messes up by driving in a way that can be frustrating forgive and don’t be impolite and lose your temper. It is always good to allow others to pass who seem to be travelling at a faster pace than you.

Having said all of the above does not mean that there will be no accident. Of course, there is more that can be said. But remember it is very dangerous to overtake at a corner and also to travel down a steep hill at third gear. Safety must be the watch word. Therefore, I recommend to drivers travelling on steep hills to please be cautious when going down the hill and use the second or first gear, depending on the amount of passengers, condition of the brakes and mechanical functions and also the weather conditions.

I am no expert at driving, but I hope that as drivers we would seek to use our common sense, be cautious, drive with control and consider other road users.

I take this opportunity to express my admiration for Sergeant Calvin Glasgow. He has been doing a good job on the road. He is seen many times warning drivers to wear their seatbelts and warning them about other things.

Keep up the good work, Seargent Glasgow.

Kennard King