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October 1, 2010
Dr. Lewis should take control of the Party

Fri, Oct 1, 2010
Editor: I listened to the Unity Labour Party (ULP) meeting in Green Hill where the party’s candidate for Central Kingstown, Elvis Charles, made a very good contribution.{{more}}

He mentioned his plans for Central Kingstown and paid attention to education and its revolution.

I thought his contribution was extremely good. Everyone knows I am a NDP supporter and hoping that they would win next election (sometimes I wonder). Press Secretary Hans King time and time always accuses the NDP of not putting forward its party’s policy for the way forward. Sometimes I used to wonder why King kept saying so, but not until I heard Elvis Charles put forward his plans I realised that NDP is lagging behind. Mr. Lynch for the last nine years kept NDP’s base, but that base is not enough to win. Persons like Junior Bacchus, Senators Cummings, Leacock and Douggie DeFreitas appear to have personal problems with Dr. Gonsalves. When one listens to them you have to wonder if they hate Ralph (why?)

I also have my problems with Dr. Gonsalves and some of his comments, but I don’t hate him. When one is going to judge him put aside personal problems with him and judge him by his leadership of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Yes, some of his policies are extreme, but let’s look at his track record: Education, Housing, reclassification, increase of minimum wages (twice), training of Vincentians for the regional and international market, airport development, Buccament project and health care for the elderly. Every time one hears NDP on these issues it’s all about criticism. These aspects that ULP put together are for the benefit of Vincentians. Most Vincentians are saying that NDP is going to win the next election; this thought is making the rounds. When one listens to the lack of the way forward by NDP, why change something for nothing.

Another aspect of the Prime Minister’s leadership that one should pay attention to is his regional and international connection. We have to give it to him, and he deserves it. Could Eustace rise to that occasion? (I don’t think so). It’s good to see over the last nine years Eustace showed improvement, but being Prime Minister is not all about St. Vincent and the Grenadines. When it comes to leadership, Dr. Gonsalves is miles ahead than Eustace. All candidates of both political parties seem to be on a level. Vincentians will decide when the time comes which party they want to be led by, but the NDP need to improve on their campaign or they might just be left behind. Dr. Lewis as Chairman of the NDP should take control of the NDP.

Kingsley DeFreitas