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September 24, 2010
Too many careless, irresponsible drivers

Fri, Sept 24, 2010

Editor: There are some sad stories that appear in newspapers which we hear about, and sometimes we do not pay attention to these stories if we or our loved ones are not affected.{{more}}

Last Sunday, I saw, as usual, a nice grandmother that I have the privilege to have as a neigbour. In her seventies, she is still a strong and hard working woman. She works from Monday to Monday. She can enjoy the privilege to rest at her home and I have no doubt that her grandchildren would be so happy to take care of her, but she continues at her age to work hard to provide for herself and her relatives.

That Sunday, when asked how she was doing, I was shocked to know that a motor vehicle had hit her at the China Town Bus terminal. Because of the injuries she sustained, she was unable to work for no less than twenty days.

The worst of the worst is that not only did the woman (driver of the vehicule) run away from the hospital where she dropped the lady after the said accident, but up until today, neither the said woman nor her insurer has got in touch with my neighbour.

My neighbour was able to get the motor vehicle licence number. With that information, her grandchildren contacted the police, but until today, nothing has happened and the elderly lady continues to suffer from this.This sad story reminded me of another accident involving a man living in Sandy Bay whose leg was amputed as a consequence of a motor vehicular accident.

When I was told this sad story, I realized that I had heard or read many of these types of stories. I cannot understand why some drivers can cause damage to others persons and do not take responsibility? These victims need not only psychological help, but more of a caring attitude from us as drivers. In this case, the victim of that accident is one of the most vulnerable persons in the society: an eldery person. If as a society we cannot care and protect our elderly, something is really wrong with us as a people.

As drivers, it is our responsibility to be very careful on the road and be aware that we are totally responsible for any accident involving the vehicle we drive, and any pedestrian. It is irresponsible and dishonest for a driver to cause physical or material damage to a third party and run away. As drivers, we must inform the police and our insurer after any accident involving the vehicle we drive. Trying to run away after an accident is irresponsible, immoral, dishonest, careless, and not biblical. As drivers, we must know that the reason we pay third party insurance is for an insurance company to take our liabilities whenever our vehicle is involved in an accident.Therefore, it is normal for us to inform our insurer so that the insurer can do what needs to be done to compensate the victim of an accident accordingly.

For victims of motor vehicle accidents, I advise you to take the numbers of the vehicle involved.That information can be used to find out where that motor vehicle is insured.The victim can directly sue that insurer to seek compensation.(The road traffic act).

A. Noumba