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September 21, 2010
The magnificent grace of Cuba’s diplomacy

Tue, Sept 21, 2010

H.E. Olga Chamero Trias
Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba
Embassy of the Republic of Cuba


It is with a deep sense of duty and genuine sincerity I write to publicly express on behalf of my country and on my own behalf, our profound gratitude to you and your staff for your service to us in the name of your magnanimous people for the last four and a half years.{{more}} In you and your team we saw the personification of the magnificent grace of Cuba’s seemingly limitless capacity, for international solidarity with the Poor and the Powerless of this world.

It is not often that an ambassador in one tour of duty succeeds in helping to improve the health and vitality of a nation, expand its vision, and literally move mountains solely to assist in its economic and social advancement. The diagnostic centre, the vision now programme, and Argyle are tangible realities; towers that dwarf and thus making less visible, other achievements of indisputable value, realized since your arrival to our shores.

Through you we were further exposed to that exceptional quality of Cuban diplomacy, engaging not just a country’s government, but its people through culture, sports and education. We saw the building of a people to people friendship that requires no tuxedoes and stretched limousines, and that dispenses with the false notion that an ambassador is merely an expert at diplomatic-protocol niceties, who is naturally out of place among the working people.

On a more personal note, Phyllis, Raeisa and I will forever hold in our memories the occasions we shared with you and your staff. We were truly honoured by your presence and will miss you this Christmas.

Finally, I must tell you that Rea is in full support of the airport for she appreciates its significance to her own future. This you should know for it says you can return to Havana secure in the knowledge, that you would have help in transforming the future of this country in such fundamental manner, that even that future itself -for Raeisa is the future- is already grateful. This is signal honour that guarantees a salute to you when the modern history of my homeland is told. Therein lies the magnificence of your tour of duty.

In closing, I wish you and all members of your staff a safe return to Havana, and the very best in all future endeavours.

Viva la revolución socialista cubana
Viva la amistad entre nuestros países
Viva El Comandante-en-Jefe, Fidel!

With highest and kindest regards,
Richard Byron-Cox (Dr.)