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September 17, 2010
Saboto, a political invertebrate, worst possible representative

Fri, Sept 17, 2010

Editor: I take this opportunity to respond to Saboto Caesar’s cowardly attempted attack on me. On Sunday, 12th September, 2010, Saboto referred to me as Judas and wanting too much. His conclusion was drawn because he said I was critical of Honourable Arnhim Eustace after the ULP’s election’s victory in 2001, and now I am asking people to vote Bash and by extension (NDP) the New Democratic Party.{{more}}

This young man who seems to be seeing “political little-man” needs to be reminded of the following:

Saboto Caesar was NDP. Saboto, you went to school for five years or more riding Allan Cruickshank’s (NDP’s Minister) jeep. Are you Judas now that you are not supporting NDP anymore? Is there something NDP didn’t give you?

Also be reminded that Hon Selmon Walters was NDP. He supported Allan Cruickshank in 1984 and 1989, and did not vote Labour’ Zammer in 1994. Is he Judas? Boy, René Baptiste, Dougie Slater and other sitting ULP Ministers were also NDP, do you see your colleagues as Judases?

Saboto’s empty talks are so ridiculous – However, this spineless youth, who believes that politics is a hollow talk and drama game is the worst political representative a constituency can hope for. Why?

The main road in Diamond, the community where Saboto was born and his strongest area, is a total disgrace. Those roads are almost impassable, yet the coward, jellyfish cannot get them repaired. Can you really represent people?

Diamond Community Heritage Organisation, of which you were part, asked government to lease or purchase the Dacents’ lands at New Adelphi/Diamond to develop a Heritage site. The Prime Minister refused and you could do nothing about it. Are you serious about representing people?

Banana Road, “Juggies” and Smith Valley roads are still bad or impassable. What have you done as one who is dying to representing people? Nothing! Aren’t you just another political invertebrate?

Saboto, New Grounds Primary School is in a deplorable condition. What have you done? Diamond School needs a total restoration, yet you are impotent! Deal with those if you want anybody to take you seriously.

Caesar, you and the ULP have mashed up Lowmans Windward Anglican School! It fell from about 70% average Common Entrance pass under Otto and Bash to about 24% this year. Why you all playing politics with peoples’ children? Three principals in twelve months! Then you transfer Mrs. Lynette Johnson, the other Grade Six teachers and strongest (senior) Mathematics teachers to Greggs, because you are spiteful and don’t want to give her the school to act as Headteacher. This woman has been one of the pillars of success in that school. She has a First Class Honors (degree) in School Administration, but vindictive behaviour kill the school and spite the people. How can you represent the same people?

Still on school, Jasmine Spencer, a model teacher, a most dedicated and committed worker acted Headteacher at Diamond Government for a year and did an excellent job, yet political expediency denied her that school which every right thinking person knows she should have gotten to lead.

Additionally, Saboto went to Hadley Village, Long Piece and Lowmans and told the people that the government has purchased Daniels’ land. You formed committee to deal with it. You had persons ‘putting down’ their names or registering for land. Lo and behold no lands were purchased! You think people would vote you as a representative?

Moreover, Saboto has been dodging people/constituents who ask him to represent them. For example, Elvert Jacobs of Diamond Village asked you to assist re: his brother, you gave him your number, then dodged him all day. No representation! A young lady from Greggs wanted your representation in assisting her to get a head scan in Trinidad, you kept pushing her around saying Cabinet didn’t meet yet – When all you needed to do was pick up your phone and call NBC 705. It is the same Bash who is in opposition assisted the young lady in her moments of need.

Join political discourse

Editor, I thank Saboto for forcing me back into active writing and constituency matters. My intention is that he understands that his ‘blind wipe’ at me does not frighten me. In fact, it has forced me to join in the political discourse in a manner that I had given up.

Young Saboto must understand that his meeting in Lowmans gave him an opportunity to speak about national and constituency problems, solutions, his vision for the nation, constituency, people’s participation and benefits. He never told the people what he has to offer. His presentation at Lowmans where they have wrecked the school tells the people who lived in Lowmans Windward (not the rent crowd that came in red) that Saboto Caesar is the worst possible representative they could ever have.

Saboto needs to save himself from self-destruction. His upbringing was excellent. Fine parents, really did a great job at raising him. Today, he speaks like the pm, sits like the pm, walks like the PM, folds his hands like the PM and is getting ‘cussing’ sickness like the PM. In Park Hill, he spent much of his time beating up on Ordan Graham. What folly! Editor, this young man needs to do some serious introspection and regain himself. Stop ‘follow suit’ and be yourself, Saboto.

Editor, as said, Saboto cannot get basic things done now – even in his own community. Thus he cannot be an effective representative in Representative Politics. Young man, this election is not about you, we love you, but we need to save our country from tyranny, terror and dictatorship. SVG is bigger and more important than family, friends, party and clique!

Otto Sam