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September 10, 2010
Simple truths – The fall of man – Part 3

Fri, Sept 10, 2010

Editor: The truth is, God’s word is infallible; let God’s word be true and every man a liar, Romans3:4.

Welcome to this continuing series, and I do hope it is enlightening and revealing. Please get your copy of the Holy Scripture and the previous section of this study to help you along.{{more}}

What was the fruit??? In the midst of Eden two trees were present, of which God commanded Adam and Eve to eat of one and not to eat of the other.


What were the fruits of the trees? Well, let’s answer that question this way:

Orange tree- bears orange fruits
Mango tree- bears mango fruits
Apple tree- bears apple fruits

So Too!

The Tree of life bears- LIFE FRUITS

The Tree of knowledge of good and evil bears – KNOWLEDGE FRUITS


LIFE FRUITS: Genesis 3:22

KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL FRUITS: Genesis 3:7-12, Gen 3:5, Gen 3:17, Gen 3:22

Think! God created the heavens and the earth and all their creatures; is it impossible for God to create a tree that when you eat its fruit you get knowledge???

Let’s see if he can!

1. Well he is OMNISCIENT that means he knows how to do it or make it

2. He is OMNIPOTENT that means he has the power to do it or make it

3. God did create the Tree of knowledge of good and evil Gen 2:9

God made a tree to give eternal life, why can’t he make one to give knowledge???



The “serpent seed” teaches that the devil was Cain’s father. (Absolute rubbish!)

Gen 4:1 is so clear and straight forward, yet blinded by the devil; these perverts have eyes and heart but can’t see nor understand. Let me make it clearer, “Adam had sexual intercourse with Eve and she got pregnant with Cain and then with Abel.

Eve immediately acknowledged God, who gave her Cain by his omnipotence. Gen 4:1. Therefore, ADAM is Cain’s father. The woman reminded us that only God can Create Life.

Hebrew and Greek words.

Eat -âkal=—kel (H)

Literally means to feed on, eating of food, this verb is used to describe the consumption of food not only in Genesis 2:3, but also in chapter 9, 18, 24 etc.

Beguile = N—s— (H) i.e. Nasha

Meaning to lead astray, delude i.e. to cause someone to totally think and believe in a lie or totally stray from truth in thought, being tricked, deceived.

Deceived = apata— (G) means, to delude, use trickery

Seduce = ap—plana— (G) means, to lead astray from truth.

Because beguile also means seduce, which in addition has a sexual implication based on its contextual use, when Eve said the serpent beguiled her, they use this to say the serpent had sex with her. These reprobates looked not at the context in which it was used to describe mentally. Paul used the same context. Ephesians 4:14, 5:6, and comparatively, he said 2 Corinthians 11:3, Paul said lest their minds be corrupted, he also implied that Eve’s mind was corrupted and also led astray into breaking God’s law, and so it did happen.


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