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September 3, 2010
My response to Mr. Crooke

Fri, Sept 3, 2010

Editor: Persons commenting on my writing have asked me to give ideas about this country’s way forward and its development. First, I’m not a politician; only they have answers.{{more}}

I welcome the YES programme, University access, the effort in Science and Technology. I also like the Unity Labour Party’s idea of fostering young persons to be self employed.

Am I satisfied? At least they are trying, but more needs to be done. First, government should legislate that the public and private sectors should have Human Resource Departments. More technical training should be done in all government sectors so that there is an effort to build a more modern society with the advancement going in Science and Technology.

We are becoming a service oriented country, and we have to build on this. One area where government could do better is to help with employment of young people. Government continues to gives scholarships. I am suggesting that they police this by dictating who gets and what is being offered to study; the young people think being a Lawyer is all. What about becoming an Agricultural Engineer Technician, Physiotherapist or working in the Fishing Industry. It’s good to see the Republic of China on Taiwan continuing to give us help, but they should insist that we take advantage of the technical training which we so badly need. Is Taiwan doing enough? I don’t think so!

It is being said that poverty, unemployment and crime are on the decline, but there is a fear of commenting on issues here. If one doesn’t come from “The Progressives”, nobody who is somebody pays attention. Persons like Dr. Richard Cox, Maxwell Haywood, Renrick Rose, Kennard King, Hans King and Saboto Caesar need to write on the issues that confront young people. They are looking for guidance (all they write about is politics). Yes, we tend to look to politicians for answers, the order is with us!

Our human resource is the richest one we can find, so there is a need to harness this. Yes, everybody has ideas, but to get it materialized is challenging. Prime Minister Dr. Gonsalves promised the answer, I am still waiting! We are hearing from Mr. Eustace about what is not being done by the ULP. After listening to the New Democratic Party Convention, we heard no plans from them about our country’s way forward. Let me point out to you where the young people could look to – Churches, Community, and Civil Society and in yourself. All is not lost. Find it within yourself. Start with a good education. In this country, we depend on the young people. They are our way forward. Never doubt yourself.

Kingsley Defreitas