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August 3, 2010
Is government serious about Community College?

Tue, Aug 3, 2010

Editor: The Community College will be offering Associate Degrees in all disciplines at the Technical College. It may

sound good on paper but the caveat is, who has accredited these programmes?{{more}} According to lecturers at that institution, no one has.

The policy of the government as understood, is to train workers for export and with the impending CSME, it will enable the free movement of workers in certain categories throughout the region. However, those associate degrees will be a worthless piece of certification outside of St. Vincent and the Grenadines if not accredited.

The Accreditation Board established is non- functional, and strangely, a medical doctor is the chairperson.

In relation to the Community College itself, the Chairperson has never taught, not even at the Nursing School. How serious is government about the Community College?

It appears that the Government wants to operate a Community College on a shoestring budget and receive all kind of accolades as those given by Dr Cox, while nothing is happening or has even changed, as when they were separate institutions.

The new appointment that will be made at the Technical College, tells us that political consideration is placed above promotion on meritocracy. Lecturers trained in technical fields at the college were completely overlooked.

What is the role of the Service Commission in the recruitment, selection and promotion of workers? It appears that their role is to approve holiday and sick leave.

All roads lead to Cabinet in appointing their supporters.