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June 25, 2010
Politicians and criticisms

Fri, Jun 25, 2010

Editor: The last nine years in St. Vincent politics has been quite interesting. Prime Minister Gonsalves in my opinion is the one who created the climate where persons could ask and make enquiries about politics and governance of our country.{{more}} This was so especially when he was in opposition, and he demonstrated that quite well. From his performance in opposition, we felt he was the kind of person we needed to be Prime Minister, but when he became Prime Minister all things changed “Why?” Did the system change him? It appears that Dr. Gonsalves don’t like to be criticized. Remember, this man promised that once he became Prime Minister, transparency, accountability and good governance would be the order of the day. Could we say he has delivered?

The Unity Labour Party elected parliamentarians are the Executive. We elected them to put policies in place, but they should consult with the people. But consultation with the people is limited every time! The Prime Minister says there’s no need to consult because we gave him the mandate by electing them into power. Remember, Prime Minister, good politicians don’t break promises. There will be a price to pay if the people think promises are being broken by our Prime Minister. The only thing is that Ms. London can’t help.

Hull too dull to win

Sir. Louis Straker surprised me when he came home and won that seat for Unity Labour Party. Did he deliver in his constituency? Yes! What about my criticism of him? Well, he gave the impression he doesn’t mind, but he mostly follows the leader. Only thing is Hull too dull to win.

Dr. Thompson is the brightest person in the Unity Labour Party. Did he deliver? Yes! In telecommunications. This country will be better served by him as a medical doctor. Should he be replaced in North Leeward? Yes, but not by Seon Marshall. How does Dr. Thompson take criticism? He tries his best to cope.

Everybody knows Minister Baptiste is my favourite politician and I can’t be biased. Did she deliver? It’s questionable. About criticism of her, ask the people in her constituency, they will tell. Can the ULP hold on to that seat? No! Once Baptiste is out, Cummings is in.

Dr. Slater a very good human being. Health Care of any country is challenging. Did Fitz Jones help? He made things worse! They moved him too late. Did Dr. Slater deliver? He tried his best. Should Dr. Slater be replaced? If so, not by his cousin. Let nature take its course.

What about Minister Sayers? There is nothing to write about him. Should he be replaced? Yes! It won’t make a difference. Unfortunately, Senator Leacock will win by default.

Senators McKie, Francis, Fife and Caesar: Senator Caeser is the only one who stands out and stands any chance of winning a seat for the ULP.

Newcomer Luke Browne looks like a wonderful person with a bright future ahead. He is being told that he will win Mr. Eustace. That seems highly impossible. Just like Ms. London who can’t win the Prime Minister’s seat. Luke’s timing is wrong. He has about ten years to wait. It’s a good thing you are a young man. All the best Luke.

Most improved politician

The people of West St. George have not had a good parliamentary representative since Marcus DeFreitas, and the people are complaining about Minister Browne. He is nowhere to be found and whenever he opens his mouth, he is making it more difficult for Senator McKie who I know is a qualified person. Imagine Senator McKie told me that I’m too critical of the ULP and I must stop it. Well, if the good Senator ain’t win yet, well only imagine if and when he wins, what to expect?

Mr. Stephenson is the person who is expected to replace Minister Beache. I know Mr. Stephenson quite well and they could not find a better person. Good replacement. Would he win? Yes!

Minister Daniel in my opinion is the most improved parliamentarian. Daniel from Daniel leaves a Daniel.

Minister Burgin I think has a political base, but he is taking it for granted. Be careful, Minister Burgin. Doctor Lewis keeps saying that he is going to win. From what I’m hearing from persons, Dr. Lewis thinks highly of himself, but sometimes carries it too far, and its only about him. Dr. Lewis, think about people. That’s what makes a good politician.

Rose of the valley

Minister Miguel. She is described as the rose of the valley. What a wonderful person. I went around to find out how persons feel about Minister Miguel and they told me that they are still waiting for the representation she promised. It’s all about promises from her. I’m being told Mr. James thinks she should be replaced by him. That’s only if the ULP is thinking about losing the seat.

My writing is a reflection of persons from the ground. So I’m hoping today’s politicians pay attention to how Vincentians feel about them.

Kingsley DeFreitas