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June 22, 2010
Woman intoxicated with an attitude of arrogance, vengeance and bitterness

Tue, Jun 22, 2010

Editor: Allow me space in your paper to do a “Response to ANESIA BAPTISTE’S PM GONSALVES SOCIALISM”. It is clear for all to see that this lady, metaphorically speaking is intoxicated with an attitude of arrogance, vengeance and bitterness under the guise of, “MY DEAR PEOPLE”,{{more}} a barrage of over used words like “FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS” and “INALIENABLE RIGHTS” and “FREEDOM”. Her jaundiced view of the word “SOCIALISM” is tantamount to a vehicle gas pedal on a highway on a collision course to self-destruction without knowing the danger.

Yes, Maurice Bishop came to power by unconstitutional means (not that I am justifying his actions), but do you know that Eric Gairy was a Dictator? There was no freedom of speech in that country. Do you know that he had this famous mongoose gang? That the same Bishop and company had to hide from this same gang? Do you know in Grenada, people were afraid to even mention the name Gairy, like how you are cursing the Prime Minister weekly?

You probably were not born yet. I had the privilege of going to Grenada during those days and some one like you could not have behaved like that, if you were a Grenadian, ask any Grenadian.

So back to SVG the ULP Government headed by the Hon. Prime Minister. Foreign policy is based on this principle: (FRIEND OF ALL, ENEMY AND STATELITE OF NONE). During the 2001 election campaign, the NDP were pushing the Nonsense of Communism. If you have two houses and two cars, they will take one, that did not work. During the last nine years, the people who were living on squat lands now have proper title to their private property. Thanks to this Government, lands were sold to them at very low prices, so what would happen now, would the Government take them away?

ALBA, Venezuela is a member of OPEC. President Chavez can’t just give SVG oil just so. If the mechanism is ALBA, what is wrong with that? Tell me lady, is the Prime Minister going to live forever? Likewise President Chavez. In this OECS country, do you believe anything like communism could take place? I beg to differ.

So my dear friend get real and don’t get carried away. It is not too late, say that you are sorry and get back to earth.

Randolph Peters