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May 21, 2010
Villagers, stop being prejudiced to others!

Fri, May 21, 2010

Editor: In a particular village on the Leeward side of St.Vincent, some villagers appear to be rather highly unfair to a particular teacher from another village, and this mostly because of that teacher’s religious affiliation.{{more}}

On a particular day, the teacher was walking home. He met a small group of children at a golden apple tree. However, while the teacher walked on, one child ran on and met the teacher. Right after, the teacher got a ride in a jeep that he was accustomed to ride in. It so happened that the jeep could not hold anyone else, and as the relatives and others of the child were very close behind, the teacher told the boy to wait for them. However, it appears that some UNFAIR-MINDED onlookers have spread a rumour throughout their village that the teacher left the child on his own to walk home. What a lie!!! I really feel for the teacher since he is so cool and is very helpful to the school, assisting in a number of ways. Now this is the thanks the teacher is getting from some villagers.

I write this article for people to get the FACTS. My God! How can people be so cruel!!!! I don’t understand people being that way, spitefully saying things to destroy the teacher’s reputation. Villagers, stop the religious hatred. This is not the first time the teacher is being targeted. To the guilty villagers I say, please appreciate teachers’ helpfulness and STOP being so prejudiced!

Aretha Gordon
Speaking Out for Justice!