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April 30, 2010
SVG – It’s time to turn to God


Editor: The recently concluded schools dance competition and its lewdness is but a reflection of the society in which we live. While the children have to take responsibility for their actions, so also must the adults.{{more}}

It is sometimes sickening the type of music that promotes lewd behaviour that is sometimes played on some radio stations. This smutty music is allowed to be sold on the sidewalks and so are the music DVDs that promote this kind of so called dancing. A good example is the “Passa Passa”, and much more.

The disc jockeys on radio stations must also accept blame, for many have failed to guide the youths towards moral and decent behaviour. When we allow children to go to shows that are vulgar, are we not contributing to this vulgarity displayed by some of the kids? Indeed, how can adults guide the kids when they themselves are smutty in their behaviour and encourage it in the homes and in society?

The children are taken to carnival shows where vulgarity is demonstrated, so for them it is acceptable to behave in this manner. So tell me, are we not as adults to be blamed as well? The DVDs we allow to be watched in our homes, the freedom with which children surf the Internet without proper guidance and supervision where they can watch x-rated movies and songs have also contributed to this much talked about lewd dancing.

We are a people who have placed so much emphasis on sex that our children, too, have gone along with that as the norm. The way ladies dress exposing their underwear and showing their figure in a revealing way are but poor examples for our children. What is even sadder is the fact that mothers not only dress in this way, but they dress their young girls in this way also. So the emphasis is on sex. Therefore, the children have been lead along that part, so it is just natural for them to act that way on stage, for this is the accepted norm to them.

Were there teachers who worked along with these children before the competition? If there were, then maybe they were in agreement with what was done on stage or maybe the children were left on their own without any guidance from teachers. If this was so, then indeed it is a sad day for this nation.

The home must play its part in instilling decency and good moral behaviour. But, after all, how can some homes display that when for many of them that is their life style and it is only a reflection of the homes and the society. We need to get back to basics and restore decency and take pride in ourselves. It is time to turn to GOD.

Kennard King