Our Readers' Opinions
April 30, 2010
Let’s change our focus


Editor: I sometimes ask myself whether or not it is worth the effort to write these articles in the newspaper. I have to keep asking myself where our focus really lies. Everyday, we are being overdosed with political discussions as if that is the only thing that is going on in our country. The unfortunate thing about all this is that politics generates a lot of hatred and negative energy.{{more}} Negative energy in turn manifests itself in the form of crime, accidents and even poverty. We must recognize that the universe is a pool of energy that can be converted to either bad or good energy.

Our people are being constantly distracted, hence we are not focused on the greater things in life. There are other things that ought to be discussed. There are things like sports, education and the spiritual development of our nation. So many of our young persons are dying under tragic circumstances, yet we have no time for reflection. We spend our time digesting political rhetoric that brings little benefit. Even the preachers who are expected to bring spiritual leadership are taken up with politics. I sincerely believe we are lost as a people.

What frustrates me even more is listening to a discussion on what is taking place in our society, when someone interjects that these things are supposed to occur because we are living in the last days. We have been living in the last days for more than 2000 years and there will be thousands more. We, therefore, must find solutions to our problems and we must change our focus. Our media must continuously feature acts of greatness, and let us begin a campaign about becoming great, not because we are seeking fame but because God expects no less from us.

The Mystic