Our Readers' Opinions
April 23, 2010
Remembering Glenn Jackson


Editor: April is a very special month to me. That’s the month I first met Glenn Jackson, and I made myself a promise that as long as I am alive, I’ll always remember him. Why? For what he did for St. Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}} He made significant changes to the political landscape of this country, pioneered talk radio, enhanced the entertainment sector.

Culture was his true love, and he made a difference. This country is better for his efforts, yet some persons and organisations forget all about him. Glenn was quite creative in helping the Unity Labour Party into office on his Shake Up programme on We FM 99.9, on the street at bars and everywhere he went. I sometimes wonder why they forget him. Is it because he did it his way and their way is not working? Every time ULP is going to have any kind of event, they should remember Glenn. That’s my demand of the ULP. He deserves some kind of mention. It’s only fair! Glenn left us, but everyday I remember him. Why? Because he was great! Someone was charged and acquitted for Glenn’s death. The people are still asking for closure on Glenn’s death. What about his mother, wife and family? Closure is quite important to them. Monies which were spent on Glenn’s investigation were well spent. That’s why Vincentians are still waiting on the findings of this case. So I am hoping the Minister of Legal Affairs could put some more effort into this matter; it will go a long way.

Glenn deserves this kind of commitment from the authorities. I will always be your friend, Glenn; that’s what true friends are all about. He will always be in Vincentians’ minds because he left a lasting impression.

Kingsley DeFreitas