Our Readers' Opinions
April 16, 2010
Let us get on our knees and pray for each other


Editor: Death, when it comes, leaves painful memories to the surviving relatives that sometimes take years to erase. For some, the painful memory remains a lifetime. Thus it is important that as a people we must be prepared for death, for it comes unexpectedly in many cases. Amos 4:12 reminds us to be prepared to meet God.{{more}}

We are reminded in Hebrews 9:27 that it is appointed unto men once to die, yet for many, they have not made any preparations. Sometimes I wonder if we are conscious that the next death could be ours. We make preparations for many things, e.g. for work, schools, travelling etc, but neglect the most important preparation, thinking that we have time, only to realize that many are in the graves who showed no evidence that they were prepared for death. We live our lives as though we would not die.

It is good to be part of societies and credit unions and insurance as a preparation, so that our loved ones will be able to give to us a decent funeral. But what profit does it make if all these are done and yet end up in a lost eternity?

It is time as a nation that we take stock of our lives. We spend so much time talking about politics and fighting down one another and neglecting to have our sins forgiven by the Lord Jesus Christ. The time that we spend on radio as Christians talking politics can be spent talking for the Lord. After all, no politician can solve this world problem. No politician can give us a place of rest. We need to put our lives in the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ. By doing so, we can rest assured that whatever comes our way we can say it is well with my soul.

Finally, it is so sad that we have a radio station in this country that does not play any Christian songs, nor airs anything spiritual. This is a very popular radio station. Let us get on our knees and pray for each other and be prepared for when death comes.

Kennard King