Our Readers' Opinions
April 16, 2010
3 schools and alcohol bar – not a good mix


Editor: I write with frustration concerning the fact that a bar licensed to sell alcohol will soon be located within very close proximity to three secondary schools and two primary schools. It seems as though planning permission to have this bar so located was sought and received, and this is what frustrates and concerns me.{{more}}

The bar will be located in the narrow area between the National Lotteries Tennis facility on the Richmond Hill road and the river which runs just below the GHS hard-court. As it is now the area has already been dubbed “Lovers’ Lane” by the throngs of school children who congregate in the area to access public and private transportation, among other things. In addition to this, it has already been noted that the concentration of

students in this area, particularly after 3pm, lends itself to friction and discord. Indeed a number of fights have taken place in this vicinity which seems to serve as a rendevous for nefarious activities. Why then should we add alcohol to this mix?

Our educators are aware that we have a duty to protect our charges. Educators are also aware that we cannot carry out our duty alone. We need the support of the bodies of authority charged with the responsibility of planning the location of facilities in the best interest of all of the members of our society. The best interest of our society is not served when a large vulnerable segment of this society is sacrificed to the interest of narrow profit-making. Indeed it seems as though the students who frequent this area are regarded as a market waiting to be tapped. How can any business person be so callous in the pursuit of profit? What is more, shouldn’t we expect the relevant authorities to protect our children from such callousness?

I am calling on the powers that be to think of the negative ramifications of having this bar so located. Yes, if school children want to find alcohol they will find it, but we do not have to bring it to them.

Andrea Bowman