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April 9, 2010
What more can the Comrade do?


Editor: Blindness in part or in whole has affected many Vincentians at home and in the Diaspora. This statement is certainly fitting for those in these locations who are still supporting the N.D.P.

I recall one of the slogans used by Joshua and his supporters in the days of the P.P.P – “What more, what more can Joshua do?”{{more}}

Well, well, well, if this was fitting in Joshua’s day, how much more is it fitting in Comrade Ralph’s day – so here goes -”WHAT MORE, WHAT MORE, WHAT MORE CAN COMRADE DO?”

Further to my opening statement, it is a pity that the U.L.P Government has to publish their achievements in order to convince a certain section of the public, for the achievements are there for all to see and enjoy and from which we all benefit.

The questions arise: (1)How much did the P.P.P Government achieve? (2)How much does the N.D.P have to show for the seventeen (17) years? Lest we forget, the N.D.P really came to power some time after James Mitchell hoodwinked Joshua into agreeing to make him the Premier, thereby establishing the Junta Government. Joshua became the Minister of Agriculture. Then the Agricultural Exhibition and Joshua’s story of the Tortoise and the Scorpion. For those who have never heard it, I state it hereunder –

“A tortoise used to give a scorpion a ride across a stream. The scorpion at various times would lance the tortoise (in its soft part). The tortoise thought of several ways to get rid of his rider. One day he took a dive in the middle of the stream and drowned the scorpion.” Then came Joshua’s declaration with all the anger he could muster: “I resign from this government!” If James Mitchell thought that he could outwit the wily Joshua, he was wrong, wrong, wrong. That ended the reign of the Junta.

Ralph Gonsalves is no paragon of virtue. Who is? Surely we must all give an account on the day of reckoning. However, the apostle Paul admonished the believers to “pray for those in authority.” Why? Because they, too, are subject to faults, failures and sins – maybe the P.M. needs to amend some of his ways. On the other hand, animosity, envy, hatred, jealousy and wilful blindness can result in false accusations.

Turn now to the U.L.P’s achievements – First at the schools and institutions of learning. Were people lying about Joshua when they spread it abroad that he had said, and I quote “Keep the people ignorant and you would be able to control them better.”

The N.D.P, too, neglected the schools so much that on one occasion the Honourable Minister of Education was visiting the C.W. Prescod Primary School and the teachers had to place stones on the floor of the classroom for him to step on so that his feet would not get wet.

Hereunder, the ULP’s track record:

– In two months after the ULP came into power, they repaired all primary and secondary schools and other institutions. The cost – $5.5 million.

– Built a modern Library and equipped it. The NDP Government was (maybe with James Mitchell’s vindictiveness) prepared to house the Library in a “Cubby hole” in the Middle Street.

– Thirteen Resource Centres are at their credit, and several others are coming on stream.

– Nine Early Childhood Education Centres already established, and more to come.

– Restored, rebuilt, and refurbished several primary and secondary schools throughout the length and breadth of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Unlike the PPP and NDP, the ULP believes that learning is better than silver and gold. That is why they have made it and are still making it one of their priorities.

Since this is the beginning of my articles on “Shat more, what more can Comrade do?” I’ll just want to close this article with the caption of an article in another weekly on Thursday, April, 1st – SVG Holding Its Own”, says Gonsalves. No fooling.