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April 9, 2010
There is need for good role models


Editor: There is need for good role models in our nations. A good role model is someone who demonstrates good moral behaviour, is well disciplined, shows respect and demonstrates good leadership skills where others can look up to them for guidance and example. Someone whom others can follow. More can be added as a characteristic of good role model.{{more}}

However, there are not many persons like that in our nation. The various unsung heroes are indeed role models. Here the FirstCaribbean International bank must be complimented for recognizing these individuals. These role models are seldom given the recognition and honour that they deserve. Most times it is at their death they are remembered and given praise, but that time is too late. So I would like to extend my congratulations to the many unsung heroes amongst us and to many who may have never been recognized. Keep up the good work.

Sad, but true, many fathers and mothers have failed to be the role models for their children. For what their children see of them are many times things that are not worth following. While there are many good politicians, religious leaders, community workers, radio personalities etc that are good role models, we have those who are not good role models. No wonder our young people cannot resolve issues except by the means of a gun, because they have no one to guide them and no one to really follow or look up to that plays an important part in their lives.

The negative words, the words of anger and hatred that come from persons on radio, including politicians, have made our people act negatively sometimes. While we can not always blame the radio personalities, politicians, fathers etc for the criminal behaviour of many of our young people, we cannot deny the fact that lack of good role models does contribute to these negative behaviours. The music that is being played on radios and even in our homes from the radio disc jockeys and us as adults has also given rise to these negative behaviours. For many of them promote violence and immoral behaviours in our young people.

Therefore, those who in positions of influence and also in the homes must desire to be good role models so as to have a more peaceful and better SVG. We all have a part to play in the development of this nation. Let us start today by becoming good role models.

Kennard King