Our Readers' Opinions
April 9, 2010
Our elderly people need quality care


Editor: I would like the general public to be aware of the fact that caring for the aged and sick requires persons who have the expertise, knowledge, skills and certification.

Persons who are operating live-in facilities for the elderly should at least be trained to the level of a registered nurse, along with at least five years postgraduate experience in a geriatric or medical setting.{{more}} The aging process presents many challenges, which if not knowledgeable to the caregiver can be easily misdiagnosed.

Aging brings along many disease patterns which must be clearly diagnosed. Complications should be if possible prevented or detected early and the necessary nursing intervention implemented.

Safety precaution is a must. In the absence of a certified registered nurse on staff, persons’ lives can easily be endangered and their golden years made more complicated and uncomfortable.

A word of caution for persons who employ caregivers. It is extremely important that you get at least two references from their last two places of employment to help prevent elderly abuse. I hope that the National Counsel of Older Persons would make the necessary legislature to ensure quality care for the elderly, who have contributed so much to our nation’s development.

Learning the Hard Way,
Ilene Francis