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April 1, 2010
The ‘Billy Button work for nothing’ days over


Editor: The nation’s hospital hardly has drugs; workers can hardly be paid, and my car’s front end gets damaged every Monday morning because of the lack of basic roads. Yet still this Government sees it fit to give a former Permanent Secretary a consultancy position in a Ministry.{{more}} These former Education Oligarchs were hell bent on keeping down others, but they are glad to extend their working lives beyond retirement.

So many young people can’t get work, yet still this ULP government is keeping so many persons beyond retirement. What special knowledge do these individuals possess? Tell me!

These people cannot help the government to remain in office because they will never go house to house to campaign in support of the Comrade. It is simply malfeasance on the state by a few.

It is all part of the petit bourgeois nature of this government in satisfying a small elitist class at the expense of the poor, then use poor people and the indigent to go and support this administration in front of parliament.

The Prime Minister must realize that the days of ‘Billy Button Work For Nothing’ are over.

Why should others be the foot soldiers and a few persons reap the benefit? This small elitist group of people don’t care about poor people. They are more interested in perpetuating a nepotistic system where their children, family and friends benefit at the expense of the working class in this country.

The new Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Transport and Works never had to understudy anyone. Why is it the new Permanent Secretary in another Ministry has to have someone overlooking her? The money that is being paid for a consultancy can go towards employing three youths, keeping them out of trouble and crime.

You must not have any ambition; it was affront to them. However, they are now judged by history because it clearly shows that they are more concerned about themselves and their children, while they keep others down, once you are an independent thinker. It is simply greed and exploitation of this kleptocratic system.

The Downtrodden