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April 1, 2010
PM too intolerant of other opinions


Editor: Prime Minister Dr. Hon. Ralph E. Gonsalves is someone I know and have studied for all my life. When he first came on the political scene, he made and is still making a difference by trying to change, and change he did!{{more}}

We see what is happening today with Dr. Gonsalves and his politics. I’m hoping you could remember Ralph before he became Prime Minister. He was forceful! He demonstrated leadership. He was also very frightening, and at times, “Communist”.

He took Labour Party from Sir Vincent and Stanley John, not because they could not lead, but because Ralph doesn’t like to be led. But I can’t remember any organisation which was led by Ralph and was successful. The thing that bothers me is “Would the ULP survive after Ralph leaves?” One only has to ask Minister Baptiste. That’s where you would find the answer. Is Dr. Gonsalves as popular as he was in 2001 and 2005? Why does Dr. Gonsalves appear to be intolerant of other persons’ opinions?

Prime Minister Gonsalves appeared on Star Radio Tuesday night for Vincentians to ask questions and share their opinions, but whenever one doesn’t sing from the same song sheet, you are treated with disrespect. Why do I say so? Once, I called in to his programme asking a question about this country’s budget and its deficit. Our Prime Minister, in my opinion, abused me. If you don’t believe me, ask Kumar Persaud. If you can’t find him, then Elson Crick will tell you about it because he thinks our Prime Minster has the right to abuse some Vincentians, but I know our Prime Minister knows better.

He asked for the job of CEO. He promised he would demonstrate that he is different, like Frank DaSilva. I think the Prime Minister’s heart is in the right place, but I often wonder why the Prime Minister appears to be so desperate. Is it because ULP is going to lose next election? If ULP fails, failure is what they will get. Elson Crick, Clem Ballah, Sehon Marshall, Marlon, Cecil Ryan and Hans King failed to deliver in terms of convincing persons in the referendum. If these persons are the ones going to campaign for ULP in the next election, PM, look elsewhere. They lack impartiality. They all want to be Glenn. “Glenn was very special”.

Dr. Gonsalves, when you got the job of Prime Minister, Vincentians expected so much from you. You try, but remember you set high standards. “The sky is the limit!” All I expected from you is tolerance of other persons’ opinions. Your biggest failure is that you hear, but don’t listen. Even the dull, they, too, have a story to tell, not only to be used as voting cows. As leader of the ULP, let me put you on notice that the seats that are a toss up are Minister Miguel, Burgin, Daniel, Thompson, Caesar and Straker. You have your work cut out for you, Comrade. Coming from your tolerant friend Kingsley, not Jomo, who thinks removing you is the only way ULP can win next election. I get the impression he thinks you are the problem, but Dr. Richard Cox also thinks we should not criticise you. I am not an intellectual!

Kingsley Defreitas