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April 1, 2010
Mr. Ferrari’s story a concoction


Editor: I was at a party at Congo Valley on Sunday, March 21, 2010. I was present when a conversation started between Moulton Mayers and Patrick Ferrari.{{more}}

Mr. Ferrari lost his cool when a question was asked about “The Comrade” and threatened death to Mr. Mayers. Mr. Mayers told him that he will have to defend himself because of the remark Mr. Ferrari made. I did not see any gun brandished.

I stayed with Mr. Mayers after what had transpired. There was absolutely no conversation mentioning Glen Jackson, not even his name. Neither Mr. Ferrari nor Mr. Mayers mentioned that name.

To my surprise, Mr. Ferrari wrote in “The News” newspaper in anger his side of what happened. This is to bash Mr. Mayers.

Is this all for politics, lies and propaganda? I wish you well in your writings. What kind of childhood friend are you if you are writing “these kind of people”?

You need to apologize to Mr. Mayers who just asked you a simple question. Politics was spoken in all groups. You are trying to bash an upright citizen.

A witness