Our Readers' Opinions
March 26, 2010
We need a better water supply


Editor: We are told that there is a water crisis in St Vincent because of the prolonged drought. This is true, at least as far as the Buccament Valley is concerned. Even though the Valley is a major catchment area, CWSA has apparently decided that the residents should bear the brunt of water cuts and low pressure in order that the water can be used freely in other areas of the country.{{more}}

We were lucky to get a little water between 9:30AM and 10:00AM (Total amount 20 gallons) after over two days without a drop. Our neighbours have not had any water in five days and today were only able to fill one toilet and a bucket.

This is NOT an equitable distribution of the resources of this country to all residents. Why should other Vincentians from Georgetown to Villa to Chateaubelair apparently have water 24 hours a day to use as they like while we, the residents of the catchment area, cannot even take a shower because the pressure is so low, and heaven forbid that we should want to use the washing machine for our clothes.

On top of this, when the water goes off it leaves air in the pipes and this air has to be expelled before the water gets through. This air runs the water metre. Recently in one day alone, we ran ‘220 gallons’ of AIR. I trust that CWSA will make allowances for this in our account.

Very annoyed Chris ‘the unwashed’