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March 26, 2010
Take the work, ‘world’, but give me Jesus


Editor: Having worked in administrative positions for a considerable period, subsequently a bold step was taken, defying all odds, to study and get qualified. Studying really posed a veritable challenge because of mature age and other reasons. As fate would have it, after successful completion, and returning from University, an appointment was made by the correct forum.{{more}}

However, this particular appointment was short lived, to say the least. The truth is nothing illegal or corrupt was committed to warrant such. Of significance, the efforts that were made have touched the lives of many poor and underprivileged for whom there was passion. Since then, what happened brought to mind a move from organization to “chaosisation”. A recent incident gave cues and prompted this action to speak out and gave vent to my feelings. Not that anything will change positively. Incidentally, for fear of certain charges no more clarity on this.

On International Women’s Day, (IWD) when women the world over were celebrating their achievements etc. this person had to undergo, what can be considered, hell. A normal session ended in a barrage of exchanges. It did, to a great extent, make one aware of the genesis of a second round of nightmares. The first one is history. These occur especially when certain persons carry around “baggage compartments” to unleash; always on a tangent; ending on a collision course. Also when they are not mindful on what side of the divide you belong.

Are we really to believe that no longer can someone qualify himself, perform and merit appointment? Why is one being accused of “sweet” with an administrative head (someone principled) or being family to one or two (uncertain) administrative gurus? For this humble African, nothing is further from truth and no way connected. A bone of contention is someone does not know how a particular legitimate appointment came about. In the same breadth, their appointment is “divine intervention.” After this, one can find temerity to say they have to speak to others like walking on eggshells. What a life!

One can conclude that it is pathetic. It is frightening that falsehoods and grudges can take root, grow and develop where someone is left to rot, stripped, and work performed by perpetrators under the guise of restructuring. Consequently, others have catapulted to senior positions without ill feelings. Fortunately, it has resulted in incremental benefits to others under the same watch. “The rain falls on the just and the unjust.”

People try to explain on divers occasions the difficulties faced by some of a certain sect. Promises are made to address situations but things remain or get worst. One has to wonder if some worm their way and successfully put others on a black list. Why no redress? Some gloat over what is happening.

It needs reiterating, the powers that be need to be cognizant of the caliber of persons placed at the highest levels, especially those with “baggage compartments” who remain tangential. Those up there must operate professionally with common decency, fairness and forthrightness, among others. Being top does not give one right to just unwittingly “shoot off” their mouths or treat others any old how. In a democracy, we all ought to have rights, too. Persons must not speak foolishly direct to others and then proclaim that it comes from the heart. The holy book points out that “the heart above all is desperately wicked.” Pastor Clarke, speaking on Encounter on 08/03/10, (IWD) quite fittingly called for the spirit of discernment in the church, to know when persons are mentally ill and not demon possessed. This one will also be helpful generally.

It is very high time to bring an end to certain injustices and unfairness that is perceived in many civilized societies. When for example, rogues continue to rein terror on lesser mortals; it has domino effect in a democracy. Note, in a census, it is individuals who are counted to make a population, even those on the blacklist, to say the least. Some of us have lived through different era, and “the more things change …” Thank God for Jesus who never changes.

Another sore point is that so many persons in societies (maybe not here) seek personal glory by getting in big positions. Very often, their contribution to the development of any institution and country is miniscule and do not carry proportional weight. Instead, they try to make up by playing PRO for “parties.” There is a proper place and time for this. Do we know the (silent) damage their leadership or association does? When it comes to jobs and the developmental thrust, we need to “do with our might what our hands find to do”, without receiving punishment. Sadly, some use their might to prevent others from playing a part. To advance “Caribbean civilization”, we should maximize our strengths to minimize our weaknesses etc., instead of trying to coerce. Why take from others what they do best, and you have poor acumen to handle it? When we find those who are willing and able, use their strengths to minimize weaknesses. Very often this one is a problem.

I admire the courage of Mrs. Anesia Baptiste. I know that she is a child of God, and I encourage her to let the Holy Spirit lead and direct her path always. You may be the one of this age whom God has raised to liberate the silent majority of women and others, who are vulnerable, and have no normal course of redress. Listening to you, it really seems that you are on “that” path of becoming first female Prime Minister. Remember also, at times, women can be your greatest foe. Continue to rely on God and he will make it plain. He will not bring you this far to leave you. You know that from time immemorial many people have become heroes in many ways and some were tried and well tested for what they believe. For many of us who do not have the courage like you have heavily relied more so on God for relief.

Finally, take the work, “world”, but give me Jesus. “We are not fighting against flesh and blood….” and I declare like Paul, “I have fought the good fight …..,” By the way, right now who has power to bring rain, is it man?

L.B. Williams (Mrs)