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March 26, 2010
Farewell, Mrs. Browne


Editor: At the time of writing (March 8th), International Women’s Day is being commemorated around the world. It is a day when the world overcomes together in various fora to highlight the issues affecting them. The occasion is also one for women to reflect on their individual and collective progress as productive citizens, and moreover their contribution to the socio-economic advancement of their respective citizens.{{more}}

I take this opportunity to commend all those progressive women who are still relentless in their struggles for gender equality, a better quality of life, and a desire to work harmoniously with their male counterparts. Women have also been asserting their rights to liberty and denouncing discrimination against them on the job market.

On a militant note, they condemn the domestic violence that is currently being waged against them in their respective societies by male perpetrators.

Generally speaking, a sizeable portion of the female population is SVG has made market progress in agriculture, education, vendoring and administration. It is against the backdrop of the latter that I pay special tribute to Mrs. Laura Browne, who exited the public service two weeks ago, Friday, February 26, as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education.

Mrs. Browne began her marathon public service career in 1976 at the Girls’ High School as a graduate teacher, proficient in the areas of Mathematics and French. She, through her able instruction, brought the Girls’ High School to a remarkably high standard.

In 1988, Mrs. Browne was transferred to the Ministry of Education, where she functioned satisfactorily in various administrative positions. Such was her administrative competence that as the years rolled on, she was elevated to the position of Chief Education Officer, and was immediately put on record as the second female Chief Education Officer, the first being the late Viola Thomas. Like Viola Thomas, Mrs. Browne is a martinet.

Upon reaching the highest administrative position in the Ministry of Education, Mrs. Browne worked assiduously in tandem with other top brass in the Ministry of Education to fashion viable educational policies for the betterment of the education system – Laura Browne was known for her indefatigable stint she put in at the Ministry of Education, more often than not working beyond her stipulated working hours.

In the wider community, Mrs. Browne is an activist and leader in the Girl Guide and Brownie movements. She has moulded the young girls of our nation in a disciplined and moral manner in preparation for their further adult life. Mrs. Browne undoubtedly contributed silently to the social and educational progress of SVG.

Her successor is Mrs. Nicole Baker, wife of local Economist Kenny Baker. Laura Browne is the mother of six scholarly inclined offspring, one of whom, Luke Browne, is a Rhodes Scholar. Her husband is prominent Lawyer and Notary Public, Theo Browne.

Farewell, Mrs. Browne.

Patmos Richards