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March 19, 2010
Curator did an excellent job


Editor: I wish to congratulate the curator of Arnos Vale for the fantastic job he did in preparing the pitch for the WI Zimbabwe matches. This is the first time in almost fifteen years that the region has seen a genuine West Indian wicket: one with pace and bounce.{{more}}

This is the type of cricket pitches that made the West Indian players of the past great cricketers, and somehow the art of preparing fast wickets seems to have been lost by other regional groundsmen. This gentleman needs to be recognised nationally and regionally as he is now the talk of the town here in Barbados. Personally, I would like to have him here to restore the Kensington Oval back to its former glory.

Again, I applaud this gentleman, and just as Ottis Gibson did, I hope the West Indies cricket board has noticed as well.

Steve A. Daniel – Barbados