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March 19, 2010
Come clean, Mr. Clean!


Editor: Hon. Arnhim Eustace is referred to as Mr. Clean. He needs to come clean. Come clean, Mr. Clean, and tell this nation how you will take this country from bankruptcy? Will you retrench workers, close down the major projects, freeze salaries and refuse to give increases in salaries and bonus?{{more}}

Come clean, Mr. Clean, and tell this nation if you will break ties with Cuba, Venezuela, Libya and the majority of countries that this government has relationships with? If the answer is Yes, then let Vincentians know that there will be no more Vision Now, no more Cubans doctors and nurses, and that those students studying in Cuba and Venezuela will come home and no more will go to study, and likewise other countries where there are Vincentians studying.

Come clean, Mr. Clean, and publicly disassociate yourself and the NDP from some of the degrading remarks that E.G. Lynch is making of professionals on Radio by calling people crack head and other disrespectful names just to advocate that people chase the Cubans from their yard when they come. Failure to do so is putting you in the same bracket you are criticizing the Prime Minister for, that of being arrogant and disrespectful. For being silent and failing to rebuke means that you are agreeing with Mr. Lynch. Come clean, Mr. Clean, and let this nation know that you too are arrogant and spiteful.

There are more things you need to come clean on, but that will be all for now.

From the Ground