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March 12, 2010
God is speaking. Have we heeded?


EDITOR: God is speaking through various means, but have we heeded his voice? The earthquake that we experienced last year was bigger than Haiti’s earthquake, yet we hardly had any damage. God spoke then, but we paid no attention. It was the mercies of God that allowed us not to receive any damage, yet we gave praise to other factors. How sad!{{more}}

This present drought season is God speaking to us, yet we still have not heeded? The referendum results, God spoke then, but have we heeded? The fatal accident that claimed three lives on Old year’s day was God speaking also. Sad but true. We never seem to be aware that life is short and thus we must be prepared for death when it comes.

Ladies and gentlemen, many things from time to time have been occurring, not only here in our blessed land, but elsewhere as the Lord speaks. Yet we have remained hell bent on our wayward ways. God has been speaking and we have not been listening and taking heed.

If we fail to give heed to God’s warning, destruction will fall upon us. We continue to ignore God. We are so enrapt in politics, even the Christians, and forget the eternal things.

God has been speaking and He will continue to speak. He speaks in various forms and in diverse ways, and one day He will speak in judgement. Let us give Him our heart and lives and turn away from all unrighteous ways and turn to Him and HE will pardon.

Kennard King