Our Readers' Opinions
February 19, 2010

What is our society really coming to?


Editor: I read with amusement and dismay an article about a young lady and her pet goat, published in your paper on February 5, 2010. I was amused because it never dawned on me that someone would actually take the time or the trouble to dish out all the ‘niceties’ on a goat, as was mentioned in the article. For example, brushing the goat’s teeth and feeding it rice and peas, as opposed to grass.{{more}}

However, the thing that had me feeling really dismayed was the untold story which ‘jumped’ out at me while reading the article. Here we had a fourteen year old girl with a goat. The source of the goat, according to her, was her boyfriend. Now, what is really frightening and appalling about that is that the girl was with the guy since she was at the tender age of thirteen or before. No other reference of her boyfriend was made in the article. Conspicuously absent also was any mention of her parents or guardians or of her even attending a school.

Now, why is this of any concern to me when I do not even know the young lady? It concerns me because I am a parent and I cannot conceive of any parent in their right mind allowing their 13-year-old daughter or even son to engage in a serious relationship with a member of the opposite sex. It concerns me because if I remain silent in the face of these immoral acts which happen to our children, I will be failing to perform a part of my civil duty to this society.

So, therefore, when these dastardly acts committed against our children become evident, even if I am the lone voice in the wilderness, I will speak. I take solace in knowing that there are those in the society who will appreciate and applaud this effort; and to all those persons, I commend you. There are also those who will condemn it and label or brand me as being ‘old fashion’. Well, maybe I am.

Leroy James

Editor’s note: One cannot make assumptions about how “serious” is the relationship between the girl and her boyfriend just because he gave her a goat. There still are teenagers who have platonic relationships with members of the opposite sex.