Our Readers' Opinions
February 19, 2010

Price control should be placed on basic food items


Editor: While striving to make ends meet and survive in these hard economic times, it is important that there be regular checks on goods that are sold and also that price control be placed on many basic items like milk, chicken, and such like.{{more}}

There are basic items such as chicken, milk and canned foods that are sold for various prices at different places. Most of these items are bought at the same place and the same brand, yet every supermarket has different prices. Something seems wrong. Even in the rural areas, prices at some shops for the same items mentioned above are different. Chicken wings for example is sold at some shops for five dollars and at some less than five dollars. The same can be said for other chicken parts, and even flour, milk and in some cases sugar.

I strongly recommend that regular checks be made at supermarkets, shops and other retail outlets. I also recommend that there be price control on basic items. I know it is a business where a profit has to be made to survive, but it is many times ridiculous the prices at which shops and other places sell their items. In some cases, as in the case of sweet drinks and bottled drinks, the retailers and shops are making almost double on these items.

Finally, as customers, it is important that we realize that when purchasing an item, a receipt should be given and when returning the goods for exchange, the receipt be produced.

Kennard King