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February 19, 2010
Is the New Democratic Party for real?


Editor: Is NDP for real? They seem to be a party uncertain where they stand and without any plan or direction.

In the referendum you had Dr. Linton Lewis and John Horne publicly advocating a Presidential form of government, thus removing the queen as its head, yet they were campaigning that the queen should not be removed as head of state. Are they for real?{{more}}

They accused Ralph of being a communist and a dictator, since among other things he had relationships with Venezuela and Cuba. They said that Venezuela would run this country if the referendum passed. Yet today they have changed their song. According to one of its high profile members, speaking on its programme, they are giving the impression that they would not break the relationships with Cuba and Venezuela.

What hypocrisy! Are they for real?

You have its leader publicly acknowledging that should they win and the Cubans and Venezuelans pull out of the international airport project, they would not have any money to finish it. That means that it is likely that it would not finish. You have another member saying that they would assess the airport. You had their original position where they were criticizing the building of the international airport. Are they for real?

Word is out that the OAKES brothers who are alleged to have given NDP $7 million for the referendum have promised to give them another $7 million. Is this true? What is the deal NDP? Is it the sale of Vincentian passports and citizenships? Are they for real?

It seems like there is no stated position of its direction. Some members speak their own things as representing the party. Is that there is a planned break away among the current NDP? Time will tell. Is NDP for real? Many of us are left to wonder.

Surely we know the ULP is for real. Look at their performance.

A Political Observer