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February 12, 2010

Stay Awake hosts need to wake up


Editor: Permit a little space to respond to the host of “STAY AWAKE” programme. I am in the habit of scanning through radio stations at night after the news to see if there is anything interesting to listen to. As a result, I tuned to Nice Radio, and the programme hosted by Messrs Junior Bacchus and Matthew Thomas was in progress.{{more}}

I listened for awhile, and to my amazement, I was shocked at Matthew Thomas for the way in which he was ridiculing Mr. Elson Crick, accusing him of being Lancelot Farrell, among other things, like he is not a man from the valley and doing and saying things in defence of the Hon. Prime Minister. These self-righteous people must not be allowed to fool their listeners with falsehoods, wanting them to believe things that are not true, because Mr. Crick is not who they want people to believe he is.

They must stop the viciousness of hate, nastiness and character assassination of persons not singing to their diatribe of garbage. These guys are on a crusade of destruction of all who chose to swallow and believe their ignorance. It seems as though the Hon. Prime Minister is their headache, which amounts to a bone which is stuck across their throats, but they will have to live with it. What is wrong if US$1 million was deposited in the bank in SVG? Where were these people when that said amount vanished from that bank? Do you see hypocrisy? Maybe the PM will have to send out a list every week indicating his week’s activities to them, and I still believe they will say that is not true.

The Opposition is making a lot of noise about the national debt. I am wondering what he would do if he were the PM? Where will he get the money to continue the government programs? What would happen to the airport, the continued Education programs and access to Universities for poor people pickney? That is why I still say Matthew will have to explain to the good Lord about his sojourn on earth. Maybe he would say it is the PM who tell “meh so”.

Lancelot Farrell