Our Readers' Opinions
February 12, 2010
God is fully in control, not man


EDITOR: As I reflected on what transpired in 2009 in respect of the Referendum, I really wondered why the result went the way in which it did, knowing the time spent putting the work together, including the money spent to educate Vincentians about the proposed new Constitution. It was clear that people just did not appreciate the tremendous work that went into that document.{{more}} Those persons who were responsible for pushing the issue against the Constitution knew in their hearts that they deceived the people. But then again it is a blessing in disguise, and who are the losers? We, the people.

I mentioned all of that to say that I gave the good Lord thanks and praise for bringing us safe to see the start of a New Year and to watch over us throughout 2010, so I decided to listen to the radio stations to see if I could find something enlightening, and by listening to Nice Radio, I was appalled by what I was hearing. Two men were on the Hon. Prime Minister with an agenda to fuel hate and hoping their would-be listeners would be sympathetic to their rambling. Subject to correction, I am not even sure that they gave the good Lord thanks for seeing them safe for another year.

According to them, he must be destroyed at all costs. They do not care if this country sinks or floats because they have their axes to grind. So they need help to accomplish their mission. Don’t worry, they are on a path of self-destruction because God is in control. The Lord sets up Government and he allows them to come down, not man.

Now where in this world would any one in their right mind believe that the Argyle International Airport is a military base, according to Ivan O’Neal? What nonsense is he talking about? What military base? So it seems that with regard to our foreign policy, we must not have friends. What are the United States and Britain giving to us? So the other members of ALBA: say St. Lucia, Antigua, Dominica and the others are communists, too. So where will NDP find money to build this country, from the US and England? Well, may the good Lord have mercy on our souls. I am sure that Vincentians are not that stupid to listen to these people who have one agenda, and that is personal. Stay focussed.

Randolph Peters