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February 5, 2010
Security search en route to Grenadines


Editor: There is a situation in SVG where if you are traveling to a Grenadine Island via plane where you are literally strip searched. On all occasions, I had to take off my belt and shoes and stand on the cold tiles.{{more}}

Why do we have to endure this if we are going from one part of SVG to the other? This reminds me of South Africa during apartheid where blacks were searched.

What next? Would we see security at Gibson Corner searching us if we going to Campden Park?

Why do Governments so quickly agree without strong opposition to these restrictions?

In my opinion the security argument is not quite valid because this is not done if you are going via ferry and they are many more people on a ferry than on a twin otter going to Canouan or Union Island.

We need to rethink these restrictions and come up with something better.

T. A. Davis