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January 8, 2010

Managing to the ground


EDITOR: In a recession there should be belt-tightening and frugality in one’s spending. This government seems to be doing things to the contrary, which will put this country in a very serious crisis.{{more}}

The spending of EC$4 million on a referendum campaign and EC$6 million handout to students will have severe consequences for many Vincentians in the future.

The appointment of graduate teachers will further put a strain on the finances of this country. Such appointments, though desirable, should be done in good times, not when things are bad.

There are so many people who have reached the age of retirement, yet they are working in very senior positions, while so many young people are being trained and so many unemployed.

You were kind to them in past. It is simply a matter of telling them they have to go because things are not the same today.

The sad state of government finances may force the government to turn to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for assistance. The IMF will lend under certain conditions, one being the cutting of the civil service to rein in expenditure. This will then have implications for mortgage payments and the property market in this country.

Concerned Citizen