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December 30, 2009
Homosexuals in Vincentian society Pt:1

by Taylor Smith

What would Vincentians think if the premise was advanced that our country was similar, in a very controversial aspect to countries such as Iran, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Yemen. It is, as regards homosexuality laws, where in all of these countries, homosexuality is punishable by death.{{more}}

St. Vincent is far behind in the consciousness and conscience of the vast majority of countries worldwide, in terms of its attitude towards homosexuals or gays as they are known by friendlier societies everywhere. The word ‘gay’, popular especially in North America, once meant ‘happy’, Homosexuals in North America might be happy, but gay is not the term used to describe gays here. The words ‘faggot’ and ‘bullerman’ are much preferred by the most majority.

Hate crimes still do happen in North America against gays, not a problem here as relative to the difference in size of population because homosexuals are cowed into giving up sexual freedoms, so as not to be bothered.

Many do not socialize in terms of entertainment, in 100% of the night clubs in St. Vincent. Choices are dictated to them in terms of what they wear. Public expressions of love are denied. Many adopt the christian facade to the detriment of their psychological health, as regards the unbending, fanatical bent of christian communities here.

I know a homosexual who went this route. He was born gay; many bisexual people say “You have a choice” but none of them are born gay. So when the church says ‘homosexuality is abominable in the sight of God’ what do these gays do? They repress their sexuality, become priests who molest children, because one’s natural God-given sexuality is not so easily repressed. We will examine the massive scandals in the Catholic Church of child molestation later in this two part series.

So what about Jesus? Was Jesus not the one who said: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone?” The New Testament in which Jesus appears does contradict the less lenient Old Testament. Jesus, for example, advises the victim to turn the other cheek, whereas the Old advocates ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’.

Would Jesus yell out at the suspect ‘buller man’: “faggot!”. I doubt it. The christian church needs to evaluate its attitude towards gays. In North America, gays have their own churches and are quite confident of their relationship with God.

The gay person I was speaking about earlier, when presented with the gay conundrum, decided to go a hypnotist for therapy, in addition to prayers, to change the unchangeable, his innate sexuality. Two churches and several years later, he is still gay and in a loving relationship abroad.

Why should ‘straights’ have the freedom and privilege of fully pursuing love relationships, when gays have to go through the psychological torture of trying to change the unchangeable? It is like telling the ocean to leave the shore.

In February of 1999, a gay man Billy Jack Gaither was brutally beaten to death in Sylacauga, Alabama. His throat was cut, his body mutilated with an axe, and he was lit on fire.

A documentary was done a few years later on one of the killers, a skinhead. It was discovered that the skin head frequented restrooms and had sexual relations with men. He was in fact, in a twisted sense, a closet homosexual playing the ‘straight’ game. These findings prompted the documentary producers to test a modern cross-section of straight men. The men were hooked up to a device which measures sexual responses and then viewed gay pornographic images. 98% of them had sexually stimulated responses varying in the obvious.

The documentary purported the premise that many homophobes, as for example Gaither’s killer, secretly repress, spilling over into violence against obvious gays, to mask their own secret shame.

Let’s end this article on a positive note. I quote ‘The Times of June 29th 2004: “As India held its second national gay (parade), officials said that the country was planning to repeal a law against homosexuality,” which was 150 years on the books. (The law was in fact repealed, according to TIME magazine, a few months later. The article also says ‘India is one of the few professed liberal democracies that still (had) such a law.’

I guess St. Vincent is still in the stone age.

I leave you with a ‘teaser’ for the next article.

What do NFL running back David Kupay, classic painters, mathematical geniuses and historic stalwarts for change and invaluable shaping of social and philosophical mores and still lauded today: Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci, all have in common?

They are gay.

It is said that many Michelangelos in our society are migrating to other countries, including the more tolerant Barbados and Trinidad, at a loss to the Vincentian society, which is fast becoming more of a state geared towards hate.