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December 23, 2009
Where is the CHRIST in our Christmas?


Editor: In the eyes of a child, Christmas is a time of wonderment and magical enchantment. In the eyes of an adult it is a time when the fruits of The Holy Spirit are exemplified. Yes, it is a period when love, tolerance and humility abound. The central theme is the birth of Jesus Christ, God’s Holy Son, born in a lowly stable.{{more}}

Newsflash! Things changed!

Within recent times Christians have contrived and allowed the basis for Christianity to be undermined. This is due mainly to commercialism which has all but ensured that CHRIST is erased from CHRISTmas . Xmas is the preferred commercial jingle and it comes with numerous secular trappings. Common among these are :

1. The excessive indulgence in alcohol. In some cases, children are encouraged to part-take.

2. The replacing of Christ the Saviour with Santa the giver

3. The Christmas lights phenomenon which has developed into islandwide competitions.

It is pertinent to note how much these intrusions have detracted from the original meaning of Christmas. Indeed, an entire generation has grown up almost oblivious to the symbolism of a baby born “away in a manger”. Simply put, how many of today’s youths are aware that the birth of Christ symbolises the birth of Christianity? Why do Christians continue to remain innocent bystanders as the root of their religion is trampled upon? I am quite certain that this could not have occurred in any other religion. Certainly NOT in the Muslim faith.

Muslims have maintained their religious practices and beliefs for over a millennium. Their period of Ramadan is untainted. Their annual pilgrimage to Mecca in which a time is set aside for the stoning of the devil is very much intact-no interference, no intrusion from that gluttonous monster called commercialism. Christianity will do well to observe and emulate. For if Christ is taken out of Christmas in principle and practice, then the basis for the observance of this festival becomes obsolete.

Christmas is now personified as a jolly old man with a white beard and a red suit who brings presents to children! Why do Christians sit idly humming ‘Rock of Ages’ as Christ is replaced by Santa? Of course, silence is consent. Therefore, you have allowed your children to digest Santa crap like “he’s a kind big belly man from the North Pole who climbs down chimneys on Christmas Eve bringing gifts to good boys and girls”! Your children now see Santa instead of Jesus as the global symbol of hope!

Let me conclude with an intriguing thought/observation. The same 5 letters in SANTA also spell SATAN when re-arranged. Is this a coincidence? I firmly believe this is divinely designed. Christians, please observe the Master’s subtle warning! It is time to reclaim Christmas from the merchants and restore it to its rightful owners-Christians.

In the meantime, have a Christ-like CHRISTMAS!

Collin Haywood