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December 23, 2009
Help the police, please


Editor: Vincentians are asked by the police to help in controlling crimes, drugs and violence, but I have seen another area in which they need help. Whether they will accept it is their choice because they control the laws. Friends, I mean they need proper advice and here I am to explain.{{more}}

1. We need a pedestrian crossing between Richardson’s Gas Station and the Nazarine Church. In this area we have children crossing from both sides of the road going to school, and there is also a bus stop near the road, so please try and avoid accidents. You need to give thanks to our drivers who carefully prevent accidents by persons running across that road, especially during school hours.

2. On Wednesday, 2nd December, 2009, two jeeps driven by foreigners drove down from the Leeward bus stop looking at the sea, passed the public toilet, down to the Fish Market, passed through the Windward bus stop, down to the Iron Man. Many people were running to see that foreigner dominate the streets and going quite merrily along.

Then my questions are:

1. If one of the jeeps ran over a child on the crossing, who was going to compensate the family and how?

2. Should one of the jeeps run into a passenger van going to drop off their passenger, what would have been done to the van driver and passengers?

I need to learn, so somebody tell me. I think that when foreigners come here they should be accompanied by a driver who can produce a valid driver’s license. The foreigners will just jump on the boat or plane and away. Scot-free! I saw foreigners rent vehicles, get into accidents get on a plane and away they went, leaving the problems for the owners.

I am sure this article will reach many and someone will cry out. The broom only has to touch a pebble for it to roll. Think of that. Many people are seeing just like me but keep quiet like bees in a hive. I was told not to put any more articles in the papers. Some may look at me as deaf, dumb and blind-even stupid, but I am nobody’s fool. My articles are always different from others. I trust in the Lord and put no confidence in man Ps. 115:5. The Lord has promised to preserve me from all evil and preserve my soul Ps. 121:7.

I wish all a merry Christmas free from accidents. Love all.

Bishop Lester Frank