Our Readers' Opinions
December 23, 2009
Bridging the gap that exists in SVG politics


Editor: As we approach the end of another year and the beginning of a new year, it is time to bridge the gap that exists between the political divide.{{more}}

There exists definitely a division amongst our people politically. This division is not caused by one individual, namely the Prime Minister, but by many of us. Politicians on both sides have contributed to this division by their actions and words spoken. We must not forget the role the media plays in contributing to this division. Far too often we hear radio hosts, television personalities and the media on a whole slandering, backbiting and even disrespecting others publicly. These contribute significantly to our people developing hatred for certain persons and displaying anger and disrespect.

Many times a person is called a non Christian and hypocrite simply because he/she does not share the same view like us. Doing this creates a friction of dislike and hatred which can lead to anger and ill discipline. We call persons who do not share our views or oppose us ill names and sometimes disrespect them.

When our young people are fed with this behavior of arrogance and disrespect, then how can we expect them to act politely? We are creating a nation of haters and disrespectful and disloyal people.

It is time we let go of this childish behavior and see each other for what they are worth. The responsibility of bridging the gap is not the responsibility of one or just the few politicians whom we consider as bad, but it is the responsibility of all of us. Politicians on both sides as well as we the citizens have to learn to respect each other and to agree to disagree peacefully. We can never have peace without Jesus Christ.

Sadly, but true, many radio personalities use the radios to create hatred and anger. They would begin sometimes with a prayer and even read the scriptures, then shortly afterwards will be disrespectful of others. We are all Vincentians. We cannot all think alike and see things alike, but it is for us to teach each other and discuss maturely the issues and criticize when it requires but not with a spirit of arrogance and anger. We need to see each other as our brothers’ keeper regardless of the religious or political persuasion.

As we enter a new year, I take this opportunity to thank the newspapers for allowing me the opportunities that they did to publish my articles. I also would like to thank the many persons who look forward to my writings and even to those who sometimes disagree with what I have written. Let me wish all a blessed and peaceful 2010. Remember, let Christ reign in our hearts, homes, our communities and this nation.

Kennard King