Our Readers' Opinions
November 27, 2009

Now is the time for healing in SVG


EDITOR: Now that the voting for the new constitution has passed and the results known, we as Vincentians have to live with the choice we made. Thus it is time for healing.{{more}}

Whatever was our choice in the referendum we are all Vincentians. Politicians will come and go, and so will we, but the Constitution will remain. We cannot allow politics to divide us.

I am calling upon the political leaders to begin the process of healing by working together for the benefit of this nation. It is time we stop the slandering and hostility that we often hear on radios by talk show hosts. This country belongs to us all and not just the politicians.

For the healing process to begin it must start with each of us as individuals. We must see each other as God’s “hand-made”. Love must be our main focus. Of course, the results must have left some disappointed and angry, and others happy and joyful.

The choice and views of others must be respected, and I call upon us all to treat each other with respect. Let us come together as one. Let us let go of the anger and hurt. After all, SVG is ours. No one is bigger than the country.

The role of the media is important in the healing process. The media must portray a spirit of love and togetherness, and not one of anger, jealousy and hatred. Far too often we are bombarded with words that provoke anger and hatred from the media.

Most of all, let Jesus become the nation’s God and let Christ reign in our hearts with love and forgiveness.

Kennard King