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November 20, 2009
The NDP is not for constitutional reform


Editor: Contrary to what they say, “NDP IS NOT FOR CONSTITUTIONAL REFORM”. Don’t let them fool the people, and I know that HISTORY will not forgive them, including the Leadership of that Party, fuelled by its former leader, Sir James Mitchell.{{more}}

It is a total disgrace and insult to all Vincentians, more so the supporters of the NDP, after listening to a letter written by Sir James prior to the 1979 Independence, that he was not in support of the document then, so how come that he is now defending this document?

One can recall that during the Independence celebrations whilst he was Prime Minister, he was for the most part absent from the parade. So after 17 years, what did he do? Absolutely nothing about the constitution! In this country, there are a lot of know it alls, so-call intellectuals who can only find solutions for things they didn’t produce or present to Vincentians. It took the ingenuity of the Hon. Prime Minister with his God given gift to be creative with this initiative to bring to this Nation the Education Revolution, and although they know it, they have negative things to say about it.

For years, the people north of the Dry River supported the NDP, yet they had to fight against the elements of the Rabacca River to cross when the rain fell heavy in the mountains. What did they do? They cited this Government when the bridge was built. The people are more than happy. They can cross anytime, thanks to JAH for setting up this Government.

You could say what you want, Mr. P.R Campbell is a Vincentian that I hold in high esteem. For someone who had been associated with this exercise since the past umpteen of years, he must be listened to, but the know it all gurus will have none of it; he must be maligned, ridiculed and scorned, aided by a brand in a category of Talk show hosts who spew a lot of garbage, trying to create an environment of division, then try to put blame on this government. Small wonder what would have been the plight of Vincentians if the NDP was in Government. A word of advice to the folks on NICE RADIO, the world is listening and laughing at you.

Lancelot Farrell