Our Readers' Opinions
November 20, 2009
Questions for Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves


Dear Prime Minister,

I have until now applauded the efforts to implement and develop the education revolution, but recent appoints have left me astonished and confused, and have prompted me to ask the following questions:{{more}}

1. Why transfer the two technical heads (Chief and Deputy Chief Education Officer) at the same time?

2. Why replace them with two inexperienced and untrained (in Education Management) persons?

3. Why were the Senior Education Officers, Heads of secondary/primary schools, not recommended?

4. Why weren’t such very important positions advertised?

5. Where is the Public Service Commission in all of this?

6. Wasn’t it the Service Commission that granted study leave for one of the appointed officers to pursue studies in Curriculum Studies, and that officer should, therefore, be poised to take over at the Curriculum Unit when the Senior Education Officer (Curriculum) retires in December?

7. Who is managing the Ministry of Education?

Retired Head Teacher and Commissioner