Our Readers' Opinions
November 13, 2009
Bad attitude, bad constitution bill


EDITOR: As we draw closer to the Referendum date, I consider the draft constitution more and more. Additionally, I consider the bad attitude of those who ‘head’ the process and I am greatly convinced and mentally persuaded to vote NO. This is to show my disappointment with and rejection of the 2009 Constitution Bill.{{more}}

From perusing the document, it is evident to many of us that there has been no real effort to strengthen checks and balances on government powers. We see inconsideration of the people’s recommendations and we are presented with clauses that the people did not request. Moreover, what I find despicable and unacceptable is that government officials refuse and fail to give reasonable explanation for their decisions/actions. Isn’t this the same attitude we see in relation to the use (or rather, misuse) of state funds? Imagine, millions of dollars of hardworking taxpayers money spent to campaign (partying, ‘cussing’ opponents and misleading a lot of Vincentians) for a ‘yes’ vote. If only you had considered the good concerns of the people, you would not be unnecessarily spending millions now.

The men of high office need to show regard for the people by, at least, answering our reasonable questions. Tell us why adequate compensation is not defined to ‘include current market value of the property …’ Tell us why you refuse to describe our God-endowed Rights and Freedoms as inalienable. Why, why, why? Don’t tell me because you name Government, that you have the mandate to do as you please, without accountability. No, no, no! You have to do better than that. Your attitude is bad and it is no wonder the constitution is bad, too. It is far from reform. I can do nothing less than to vote NO, not because I am against constitution reform but because the Bill is unsatisfactory, and in many cases worse than our current


If those in charge have a genuine interest in reform, they would have done a better job- for love of country. As long as God (the Great Legislator of the Universe) gives me strength and wisdom, I will be voting NO in NO-vember.

Ann-Marie John