Our Readers' Opinions
October 30, 2009
We have positive youths


Editor: We often hear negative things said about our young people. However, there are some positives about our youths.{{more}}

It is indeed encouraging that a Bible festival was organized. The winners of the festival must be complimented, and so, too, must the organizers and sponsors. For indeed many young people do not read the Bible and so to have this competition will no doubt cause our young people to become good Bible students. This we can say is a positive about our young people. These verses learnt and studies done, I hope, will be a positive influence on our young people.

The recently concluded Public Speaking competition was indeed an encouragement that there are still young people who think and hopefully live positively. The topics dealt with and the solutions offered shows that our young people can be positive. These students have done well. However, one hopes that the messages delivered in their speeches will be taken on board seriously not only by those who delivered them but also by those who were listening.

After all, we need young people with good morals, intelligence, sense of direction and, most importantly, good Christian character. The only thing that will remain with a person is his/her character. Keep striving and let God be the leader and guide, while we think and act positively and so erase the negative influences around us and reap the rewards for doing so.

Kennard King