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October 23, 2009
Problems at Technical College


Editor: In September 2009 I started to attend the Technical College and I am still asking what is happening at the Technical College. I was so disappointed.{{more}}

As students we have no furniture and sometimes we spend most of our class time searching for chairs and desks. The classrooms are dirty; the classes are overcrowded. Sheep and goats roam the school compound. There is no security and, therefore, any one can come into the school and hurt the students and staff. There is one water cooler for over 700 students and the bathrooms are smelly because they are not being cleaned. Somedays I go to school and have to sit on a bed or on a stool or even on a table. Is Technical College the forgotten school?

I wanted to further my education, but Technical College is making me have second thoughts. Minister of Education, what can you do for the Technical College? I don’t think the Dean knows what is happening or maybe he does not care, but I think it is unfair to us as students.

Disappointed student