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October 16, 2009
17 reasons why the NDP’s vote no campaign will collapse


Editor: The Constitutional debate is raging. The country is divided on the issue. But what is wrong with us having a new constitution? I think we need it after thirty (30) years of colonial constitution. Sir James is saying: “it better can’t be done let’s keep the worst”.{{more}}

That’s a backward suggestion. Surely, we are capable of doing better as an independent, progressive people. James is out of date. It is that statement of his which led me to put forward these seventeen (17) reasons why the vote NO campaign will collapse.


1. The NDP has no credible reason to oppose the new Constitution for according to Senator Leacock, this new Constitution is far better than the old one.

2. The NDP is putting party before country with regards to the new Constitution.

3. The NDP has introduced politics into a matter which is a natural issue and should be bi-partisan.

4. The NDP had no good reason to opt out of the process of drafting the Constitution; even Sir James said that they should have stayed in.

5. The NDP is “at sea” in their opposition to the new Constitution because it is difficult to oppose it.

6. The NDP has dusted off Sir James and bring him back in an attempt to fire up their vote NO campaign but Sir James is a loose cannon with his mouth and is clearly out of touch, he will do them more harm than good.

7. Sir James wants to cling for life on the coat tail of the Privy Council when the Law Lords are saying to us; “set up your own courts”.

8. The NDP is fighting the new Constitution with their eyes on the 2010 general elections, that’s a tall order even Sir James realized this fully and pronounced that crapaud (crappo) will smoke their pipe if they fail to get 51%.

9. Most of the argument put forward so far by the NDP against the new Constitution have nothing to do with the Constitution. Rather, (listen to them) they attempt to instill fear through lies and propaganda.

10. The NDP itself is divided on the issue. A significant number of their supporters think that the Constitution is good for the country and intend to vote YES.

11. The NDP should have stayed in the process and encouraged a YES vote so that neither party could have used the process to gauge political support. Opting out has exposed their bankruptcy and lack of leadership.

12. The new Constitution is positive and progressive. It sets the stage for the future of this independent nation. It gives our young people hope and guarantees the rights and progress for all Vincentians. Most people have begun to discover that.

13. The eyes of the world are upon St. Vincent and the Grenadines with regards to Constitutional change. We can become a best practice model to be emulated but the NDP wants us to look bad when we can set a positive example in the process.

14. The NDP says there is nothing home grown about the new Constitution. They are wrong. The document was put together through consultations with Vincentians at home and in the diaspora

15. The NDP is attempting to deflect the debate by attacking Parnell, Ralph and others.

16. The NDP cannot be a serious party when its chief mouth piece E.G. Lynch is a convicted felon, and when its chief propagandist, Dr. John, is a political dinosaur.

17. It is a peoples document. It is not perfect, (perfection is not possible on this earth) but it is good. It is hard to oppose it and therefore the NDP’s vote NO campaign will collapse.

Leroy Matthews