Our Readers' Opinions
August 14, 2009
Our Prime Minister leads in the OECS


Editor: We in the OECS-ECCB countries are thankful that we have our Prime Minister, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, being called upon to take the lead in the OECS and the Currency Union on so many issues affecting us.{{more}}

Whether it is coordinating the sub-region’s response to the global economic crisis or tackling LIAT’s problems or searching for solutions for the CLICO/BAICO insurance matters, or pushing the OECS Economic Union and the link-up with Trinidad, Ralph is at the centre. His colleagues in government have reposed confidence in his leadership on these critical matters. So, too, has the Governor of the ECCB, Sir Dwight Venner.

Recently, I was so pleased to hear the Leader of the Opposition of Antigua and Barbuda, Lester Bird, praising Ralph’s leadership on regional television. Bird was being interviewed by Ms. Kaymar Jordan of CMC. She asked him: “Who should head the OECS Economic Union and the OECS-Trinidad Union?”

Bird answered: “Dr. Ralph Gonsalves. He has all that it takes to lead this process.”

Yet in SVG, the Ralph-haters try to pull him down everyday. What a shame. But the people of SVG are behind Ralph. He is the leader of our times.

Mary Robinson