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August 14, 2009
Hypocrisy and falsehoods coming from Ralph haters


Editor: Our country’s Prime Minister and Political Leader of the ULP, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, has led a very successful government, is pursuing an agenda of real change for the better, and has lifted the profile of SVG positively in the region and further afield. Any balanced observer of the political scene in SVG over the past eight years would conclude that Ralph Gonsalves has been a very good leader.{{more}} He is not a perfect person, but then no one is. Still, undoubtedly, he has been our best Prime Minister ever. He is also our best leader on offer by far.

The critics of the ULP administration and Ralph seek to deny all this. In fact, given the huge popularity of Ralph as a person and political leader, many of these critics have become Ralph-haters, hypocrites, and down-right liars. They are a pathetic lot.

They have thrown everything at this man. They have carried out an unsavory campaign against him based on an unfounded and non-credible rape allegation which the prosecuting authorities and the Law Courts have dismissed as without merit and unsustainable; they have accused him falsely of things amounting to misbehavior in public office and upon which he has sued and won in the law Courts; they have wrongly labeled him a “dictator” when no other PM in our country or region’s history has been so open, transparent and democratic; they have unbelievably and stupidly opposed his progressive and people policies on education, poverty reduction, housing, health, the elderly, the youth, historical reclamation and our Caribbean civilization, on regional integration, and foreign policy; and they have made up false stories about him on a lot of things on a daily basis.

If Ralph proposes or says anything, the NDP propaganda machinery, the cultists among the Thusians, the political non-entities in the Green Party and the opportunists in the PMC and elsewhere, pounce on him. They distort everything he says or does for their own selfish political agendas. It has nothing to do with national development.

They do all these things but they cannot shake the people’s confidence in Ralph. The people see love and caring in him; they see honesty and decency; and, most of all, he is delivering on what he promised. On top of all of this, he is head and shoulders above the Ralph-haters intellectually and in political savvy; the people realize this.

The Ralph-haters defame him, so he sues them. They criticize him for that, instead of ceasing their defamation. They attack him falsely and he responds effectively; for this they hate him more.

The American Congressman, Mr. Meeks, praises Ralph as an outstanding leader; they cuss the messenger. Lester Bird says publicly that Ralph is the outstanding leader in the OECS and should head any Economic Union process, and they cuss him, too. Sir Dwight Venner, Governor of the Central Bank, praises Ralph’s outstanding leadership in this region in response to the world economic crisis; they go ballistic.

Look at who are lined up against Ralph: The jokey and substandard Leadership in the NDP; the NDP hangers on such as the NICE Radio crowd (Dougie De Freitas, Adrian Fraser, Randy D, Mathew Thomas, Junior Bacchus, Elduardo Lynch, Bert François); newspaper columnists like Bassy Alexander and Ken John; disgruntled people like Otto Sam; and immature souls like the Thusian crowd (Anesia Baptiste and the letter writers under various “Sutherland” and “Ballantyne” names). Together, they are worth very little in political knowledge, leadership or commitment to nation-building. Do Vincentians want these kinds of people to govern them? Absolutely not! Further, the NDP offers nothing positive, only pull-down. They fail!

Susan Banfield-Wilson