Our Readers' Opinions
June 26, 2009
Living Proof of Wellness?


by R. Andrew Cummings Q.C.

Across the centuries, mankind has always had a keen focus on the need for a healthy lifestyle. Each generation claims to have found the answer which generally is “a combination of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components”{{more}}

Our very own Collin Alexander (Bassy’s son), the licensed land surveyor, has developed an unusual mixture which he sees as his key to radiant living in general and in particular, to physical fitness. By early o’clock, Collin is either jogging, stretching, lifting weights or in some other way putting his body through a rigorous grind- all in the name of fitness. Not surprisingly he shuns all processed foods and alcoholic beverages, drinks only rain water, eats fruits up to midday and drinks juices and consumes carbohydrates up to late afternoon. He then launches into a hectic game of squash or lawn tennis which produces torrents of sweat, ridding the system of its toxicity.

It seems pure and simple enough but the daily routine demands rigid discipline. No wonder that Collin, then about 45 years of age, was able to represent St. Vincent and the Grenadines at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Australia. All of this has led to a blessing of wellness.

In a country where exercise (particularly for the adult population) is forsaken, Collin’s example sends a signal that it is within our reach and wakes up the possibilities within us. We can all do it but we must start today!

To succeed calls for dedication and hard work but then achievement like Collin’s, is always hard to earn- He’s a wellness revolutionary, he wants me and you to be. It is up to us. Are we up to it?